Become a Key Person of Influence at Work

by Andrew Chow

No one knows what shaped our personality or why we think, speak and behave in a certain way.  It forms our world, the way we respond to the world around us and with the people we love, avoid and work with. The ability to know ourselves and to read others will enable us to build instant rapport, predict others’ responses and coach colleagues to improve from one level to the next. Knowing yourself also illuminates your working style at work places.

This fun-packed program is inspired by Enneagram; aimed at enabling participants to acquire the life skill of observing yourself and others. Ultimately, we strive to become less judgmental and more tolerant of people who are very different from us at work.



Day 1

  • Your shining personality type determines Your Working style
    • Setting the standard Operating Procedure
    • Focus on People by being a Great Listener
    • Pick your battle
    • Creativity is good; Innovative is Better
    • Coolness under crisis or pressure
    • Leave no stone unturned
    • Never wait till tomorrow what you can accomplish today
    • Be bold to create momentum
    • Be a facilitator of diverse opinion
  • Your superior Working Style develops your rapport skills
    • Be a coach to your team members
    • Be a people-person to your customers
    • Be Inspirational to your audience
    • Be Intuitive to other’s needs
    • Be objective in difficult situations
    • Beware of the worst case scenario
    • Be happy at work
    • Be firm in your decision
    • Be patient with the progress

Day 2

  • Your rapport skills becomes your secret of success in career
    • A person of integrity
    • A person of empathy
    • A person of charisma
    • A person of emotional connection
    • A person of reason
    • A person of caution
    • A person of entrepreneurial spirit
    • A person of strength
    • A person of inclusion
  • Role Play



Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover blind spots to become a more wholesome performer
  2. Analyze others’ personality to establish better rapport
  3. Identify possible conflict areas with different personality and working style

Duration: 2 day

Class Size: 15 to 30

Methodology: Presentation, Self -Reflection, Group Discussion and Quiz





Speaker/Facilitator: Andrew Chow, Singapore

Andrew is a leading Social Media & Public Relations Strategist, Entrepreneur and Speaker. He is the Founder of Ideas & Andrew. Andrew has traveled across Asia, delivering workshops and keynote where he enlightens top level professionals on how to leverage social channels for business results.  He is also A Leadership Personality Coach to many business leaders in Singapore

His success and influence has netted him several entrepreneurial awards as well as countless appearances in the media. Andrew is a game changer in today’s entrepreneurial world with his thought provoking approach

Andrew Chow, Social Media Strategist and Author of Social Media 247 and Public Relations 247