Master Trainer: Michael Lum – No Failure; Only Success Delayed

4 Things You Need To Know About Michael Lum (B.Acc, M.Com, NLP Licensed Trainer)

1. Michael Lum holds a Bachelor of Accountancy from National University of Singapore and a Master of Commerce from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. To hone in his training skills, he completed a Graduate Diploma (Training and Development) from Singapore Civil Service College.

2. Michael is a certified trainer with American Board of NLP, Time Line Therapy® Association and American Board of Hypnotherapy. He is an American Management Association trainer, Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation (ICF), Advanced Toastmaster (Gold) with Toastmasters International, a Louis Allen Program Leader, certified Stress Management Instructor with International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT), certified hypnotherapist with National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and a Laughter Yoga Instructor. Besides being a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Risk Management Professional (RMP) with Project Management Institute (PMI), he is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

3. Michael Lum modelled his training after being trained by world-class legends including Dr Tad James (NLP, Time Line Therapy), Dr John Gray (Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus), Dr Madan Katari (Laughter Yoga), Dr Calvin Banyan (Hypnosis), Tony Buzan (Mind Mapping), Anthony Robbins (NAC), Jillian LaVelle (IACT), Dr Servaas van Beekum (TA) and Michael Gelb (How to think like Leonardo da Vinci).

4. Michael Lum 19 years of Executive Coaching, Corporate Training, Speaking and Authoring experience since 1995. 17 years of regional working experience in Finance, Marketing, Senior Management in Asia-Australia.

NUS Extension | Since 1966, Mr. Michael Lum has been training for NUS Extension. Through the 17 years, he has conducted 17 management programs – Time Management, EQ, Assertiveness, Negotiation, Creative Thinking, NLP, Supervisory and Presentation Skills etc. The participants are general PMEs from MNCs, Statutory Boards and Government Ministries. Throughout the 17 years, we have enjoyed working with Michael as he is easy to work with, flexible and supportive with our various training initiatives. As a trainer he relates well with his students and is able to reduce complicated management theories to simple facts. He is always patient in explaining concepts to the participants and approachable. Adopting various training methodologies he is able to communicate the learning points effectively. Michael has many years of work experiences and is always keen to share the knowledge that he has acquired. We are sure that many participants have learned from him. We thank Michael for the training related work that he has done with NUS Extension and would continue to work with him as necessary. 

– Mr James Tay, Executive Director, National University of Singapore Extension

PHILIPS Cosumer Lifestyle | I first met Michael when he delivered a talk on teamwork to 400 participants in PMI (Project Management International) symposium. Subsequently, we engaged him to conduct a workshop on Negotiation and Conflict Management. . Michael is very generous in his sharing of his knowledge amongst the participants. Feedback from participants includes their endorsement for his varied methodology to facilitate the topic in an approachable manner using non-technical terms. Participants find Michael very engaging and his workshops very interactively innovative. |

– Mr Francis Chin, Director, Innovation & Development/Program Management, PHILIPS Consumer Lifestyle

CBS (Centre For Behavioral Science) | For the last four years, Michael has been conducting many public seminars employing both NLP and accelerated learning techniques. Workshops include Negotiation Skills, Conflict Management, Anger Management and Assertiveness Skills. His seminars have been very interactive and well received by participants. His evaluation has been ranked consistently “Excellent” on many occasions. He is able to break down complicated matters into simple ones and delivers them passionately. At the beginning of each workshop, he is able to bond with his participants immediately and build instant rapport. He communicates effectively to participants who enjoyed his training tremendously. 

– Miss Jaslyn Choo, Director, Centre for Behavioral Studies (CBS)

NASH Business Solutions | Michael presented his workshop topics skillfully in a fun and easy-to-learn manner. There was never a dull moment. At every turn of the workshop, he surprises participants with new contents, games and puzzles. As part of his andragogical approach, he employs role-plays, case studies and presentation very effectively based on materials which he researched carefully. He builds instant rapport with his participants almost immediately. They love his unique and engaging brand of humor. Many recommend their friends and colleagues to attend his courses. I’ve not met another trainer as passionate and innovative as him

 -Wendee Jensen, MD, Nash Business Solutions