Ruud Janssen, DES, CMM

Ruud Janssen, DES, CMM

Event Designer | Strategic Advisor | Facilitator | creator #EventCanvas

Serial Entrepreneur; Strategic Advisor, Founder of TNOC,  co-founder of Event Model Generation based in Basel, Switzerland.  Founder | TNOC | The New Objective Collective  co-founder | Event Model Generation

Janssen is a published author and frequent facilitator of participant led sessions and formats. He has crafted and delivered in over 45 countries across the world and contributed to hundreds of programmes crafting numerous legendary meeting formats including the Solution Room (in collaboration with Mike Van der Vijver of MindMeeting and MPI), Hybrid Chocolate/Wine tasting workshops and Live autopsy Formats to dissect case studies and customer problems.  He is an accredited MPI Global Trainer, a Slowfood blogger and curator of EventCamps and TEDx events.






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